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New Scholarship Rewards Completing Road-to-College Steps

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Most scholarships are given to students in recognition of accomplishments such as good high school grades. But a new $25 million scholarship, announced Thursday, will reward students simply for taking steps to get ready for college.

The program, designed and run by the College Board, outlines six steps it considers key in the college process. Completion of each step enters students into a monthly lottery to win a scholarship tied to that step. Finishing all six puts a student in the running for one of 25 “completion scholarships” worth $40,000 in the spring of 12th grade.

The organization, which makes the SAT, will give out $25 million in scholarships over the next five years. Half of the money will be reserved for students from families with annual incomes of $60,000 or less. The program will open in December, for the graduating class of 2020.

College Board officials said that the scholarships are open to all students, since there are no minimum grade or score requirements, and no essay is required.

But thousands of students, such as those who take only the ACT, would be ineligible for two of the six steps—and thus the big $40,000 scholarship—since they require actions that pertain only to the SAT. To be eligible for money linked to any of the six steps, students must register for the scholarship on the College Board’s website.

Here are the six steps in the “College Board Opportunity Scholarships,” with the amount of money students qualify for by completing them:

  • Exploring colleges of interest and building a list on the College Board’s website (600 scholarships of $500 each)
  • Practicing for the SAT with the College Board’s own online practice program (1,500 scholarships of $1,000 each)
  • Improving SAT scores (150 scholarships of $2,000 each)
  • Refining college lists by including a mix of “safety,” “fit” and “reach” schools (400 scholarships of $500 each)
  • Completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA (800 scholarships of $1,000 each)
  • Applying to colleges (500 scholarships of $1,000 each)

*Special thanks to Ian Golsby for sending this in!

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Coolidge Scholars Program


The Coolidge Scholarship is an annually awarded, full-ride, presidential scholarship that covers a student’s tuition, room, board, and expenses for four years of undergraduate study. The Coolidge may be used by recipients at any accredited American college or university. Anyone of any background, pursuing any academic discipline of study, may apply to this non-partisan, need-blind, program.

Students apply for the Coolidge Scholarship during their junior year of high school. Finalists are flown in for a finalist weekend at the Coolidge Historic Site in Plymouth Notch, Vermont where they interview with the Coolidge Scholars Finalist Jury. Recipients of the Coolidge Scholarship are notified of their award late in their junior year, before college application (note: current high school seniors are not eligible to apply). Finalists who are not named Coolidge Scholars are eligible to receive a smaller, one-time, college scholarship.

Calvin Coolidge worked hard in academics; the young New Englander’s only sport was public speaking, often on public policy. The main criterion that distinguishes Coolidge Scholars therefore is academic excellence. Secondary criteria include: demonstrated interest in public policy; an appreciation for the values Coolidge championed; as well as humility and service.

The summer before their senior year of high school, newly-selected Coolidge Scholars spend several orientation days at the picturesque birthplace of the President, Plymouth Notch, Vt. There scholars get to know Coolidge and his world, and help the Coolidge Foundation oversee its formidable debate programs. Scholars return to Plymouth Notch for a week in each of the next three summers.

The top Coolidge applicants are named “Coolidge Senators.” In the summer, the Coolidge Foundation invites Coolidge Senators to the Senators Summit in Washington, D.C.  At the Summit, the Senators explore the nation’s capital, learn about President Coolidge, and meet other high achieving students from across the country.

The Coolidge Scholars Program is operated by the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation.



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The 2019 USC Bovard Scholars application is now open!

We are excited to welcome our third cohort of Bovard Scholars to the USC campus this summer. As I write to you, our second cohort is in the midst of the college application process, working with our program’s college admissions counselors to fine-tune essays and applications. And our first cohort is enjoying their first year as college freshman at top-tier universities across the country — think Harvard, Columbia, the University of Chicago, the University of California, Berkeley, and right here at USC.


We invite all high-achieving high school juniors with financial need to apply.

Do you or someone you know fit these requirements?
• Junior in high school (11th grader) at time of application
• Currently hold a 4.0 GPA or above
• Enrolled in Algebra II, Trigonometry or above
• Demonstrate financial need

If so, you are eligible to apply.


If selected, each Bovard Scholar will have one full year of support through the admissions cycle and spend three weeks on the USC campus, where they will receive:
• Personalized career exploration
• Expert admission and financial aid support
• Comprehensive test preparation
• Leadership development

This year, the program runs from July 14, 2019 through August 3, 2019.

We offer the program at no cost to students or families. USC will pay for transportation to and from campus for students coming from outside of Southern California.

Applications are due February 15, 2019 at 5:00pm PST.

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ELIGIBILITY: All grades 9 – 12 High School Students

AWARD AMOUNT: Multiple scholarships ranging from $500 to $1000

DEADLINE: Ongoing (Annual) , Every October 31st 11:59 PM (Pacific Time)


Choose ONE prompt from below and submit a well thought out essay or video

  1. How have your family, parents, school, and teachers influenced who you are today? Use personal experiences to support your answer.
  2. How much freedom should parents give their children? Use personal experiences to support your answer.
  3. What are some dangers that youth may face on the internet? Use personal experiences, news articles, or research to support your answer.
  4. What should you do if you or a friend is bullied on the web? Please discuss solutions for both scenarios. Use personal experiences to support your answer.
  5. Discuss ways that youth can use the internet or social media to positively impact their communities. Use personal experiences to support your answer.

To apply, fill out our short form here: KidGuard for Education Scholarship Application


We will be selecting a pool of finalists based on the quality of their essay/video. As mentioned, we are looking for essays/videos that are well thought out with proper research and evidence to support their statement. Out of the selected finalists, winners will be selected and contacted shortly thereafter.

Square LA Heroes Scholarship Fund Flyer (1).png

The Louisiana Heroes’ Scholarship Fund provides college and vocational school tuition to the children of Louisiana’s teachers, coaches, law enforcement officers, and first responders. Scott Chafin created the fund, in conjunction with the Community Foundation, by making an initial donation of $25,000.00. The fund will be kept alive by annual fundraisers and private donations. The Louisiana Heroes’ Scholarship Fund will award (5) $2,500 scholarships each year to Louisiana students based on merit and need. 

For additional information, and to stay up to date on the latest news regarding the scholarship fund, please contact our offices and check back on our website frequently. 

To apply for the Louisiana Heroes’ Scholarship, please download the application below and follow the submission instructions included.

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Abbott and Fenner Scholarship Program

Abbott & Fenner Business Consultants are pleased to be able to continue with our scholarship program for the 12th year.

We will be awarding $1,000 to the winner(s) each year.

Scholarship Deadline   –  June 14, 2019.

Application Process

Students will submit an essay on the topic that appears on the scholarship page of our web site:  http://www.abbottandfenner.com/scholarships.htm

Full details are available on our site.

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