A-HEC of a Summer is an opportunity for high school students interested in learning about health careers to gain hands-on experience. The AHEC of a Summer program is offered in 21 parishes in North Louisiana and sponsored by the Bayou North Area Health Education Center (AHEC), local health care facilities, and school boards.

Students who participate volunteer and rotate through different areas during the 15-day program. Students also participate in workshops provided by area medical organizations and take field trips to other health care facilities and universities in North Louisiana.

The goal of the program is to connect students to careers. The program provides students a greater understanding of health careers and education resources, while providing a fun and memorable experience, thus coining the name “AHEC of a Summer.” Students who successfully complete the program earn up to 100 community service hours on their transcript and a half unit of elective credit, while also earning their CPR certification.

Applications are due March 1.

View A-HEC of a Summer application form.


Day with the Doctors is a one-day, interactive program that provides Louisiana high school students with an opportunity to experience and observe a day’s activities on a medical school campus. Students interact with faculty and medical students, discuss health careers and medical school, as well as learn basic medical diagnostic skills. Hands-on training includes: learning how to listen to breath and heart sounds, taking a radial pulse and blood pressure and improving communication and listening skills in working with patients.
LSU Health Shreveport faculty members and staff are available to answer questions regarding educational prerequisites, medical school admissions, medical school costs, and personal preparation for the commitment of a health career. This unique health career enticement program is coordinated and sponsored by Bayou North AHEC and LSU Health Shreveport to educate future health professionals about the demand for healthcare professionals in rural and underserved areas of Louisiana.
Student participation is by invitation is limited to high school juniors and seniors residing in North Louisiana and have a 3.0 grade point average or better.


Bayou North AHEC and its university partners have collaborated to provide you additional opportunities to learn about health career training programs in north Louisiana.  Spend a day at local universities and talk with faculty and staff about your career and educational goals.  You’ll gain important information, insight, tools and other resources to assist you in making good career decisions and preparing for your education and future.


M*A*S*H is a summer program held on the campus of Bossier Parish Community College and Louisiana Tech University that offers high school students interested in health careers an opportunity to learn how the basic sciences taught in high school relate to medical theories, diagnosis, careers and treatments. Students participate in lab exercises and class lectures. Students gain information about health career options. Upon satisfactory completion of M*A*S*H, students earn college credit, transferable to most colleges and universities in Louisiana and some out of state colleges and universities.
To be eligible for M*A*S*H, high school students must have a 3.0 overall grade point average GPA. Students currently enrolled as high school juniors or seniors that have completed one biological or physical science are eligible to apply for M*A*S*H. The M*A*S*H Program is designed for students with career goals and a commitment to their academic work.
Students who successfully complete the program will earn either three (3) hours of college credit. This credit is transferable to most colleges and universities in state and some colleges and universities out of state.
M*A*S*H is a college level course condensed into a two week period. M*A*S*H is a very intense course. Students are expected to study, take tests and perform at their highest academic level.


As an AHEC Alumni interested in applying to medical school the AHEC Rural Scholars Program provides support to students from rural areas in applying to LSU Health-Shreveport-School of Medicine.

Candidates must meet the following eligibility guidelines: