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Pre-College | Summer Programs

Be sure to check out the Events & Summer Opportunities page under the Resources tab for several Pre-College and Summer Programs that are offered this year!  Areas include architecture, culinary, business, engineering, STEM, art, marine biology, and many more.  You also have the opportunity to earn college credit through many of the programs or learn how to better be prepared for college life.


State ACT Results

Good morning Junior Mustangs and parents!

There has been lots of talk, questions, and ultimately anticipation surrounding the results from the state ACT that the Junior class took this past March.  ACT does not send the school paper copies, instead they mail the results to the student’s addresses, so please be sure to check your mailboxes.

Thank you,

Stephanie D. Britt

Junior Counselor

Spots Available: ACT PREP at CMHS

ACT Prep

We still have several spots in the ACT prep course, and students still have time to take all five courses: English, math (geometry and algebra), reading, and science.  The classes culminate with a full-length practice test Saturday, March 10, and a follow-up class on the 14th to assess final skills to study before the test.  Cost is $30, which is just $5 per session.  Courses are the weeks of February 27 and March 6 from 4-4:45 with geometry and algebra on Tuesdays, reading and science on Wednesdays, and English on Thursdays.  Students select the days they attend.  Students may register in C-6 with Mrs. McGuire or through PaySchools until Monday, February 26.




There is a place for young people to make a difference in state government by serving as
a member of the Louisiana Legislative Youth Advisory Council, a body composed entirely of high school students with the purpose of addressing issues affecting the youth of Louisiana. The Louisiana Commission on Civic Education is now accepting applications for membership on the youth council. The purpose of the Legislative Youth Advisory Council is to facilitate the communication between youth and the legislature and give students an opportunity to be involved in the workings of government. Students who are selected to serve will have the opportunity to study and address issues of importance to youth, including education, employment, strategies to increase youth participation in local and state government, substance abuse, underage drinking, physical fitness and health, litter and environmental control, and others. The Louisiana Commission on Civic Education oversees the work of the youth council and participates in the appointment of council members.

Thirty-one youth members are appointed each year, which includes three student members representing each of the congressional districts and additional at-large members. Youth members must be between the ages of 14 and 19, and be enrolled in a public or private high school, a home school program, or a GED skills program for the 2018-2019 school year.

Application deadline: Must be postmarked or submitted online no later than March 22, 2018.

Meetings are held in September, November, January, March, May, and a two-day seminar in July. The council always meets on a Saturday at the Louisiana Municipal Association building except for the two-day seminar, which is held at the Louisiana State Capitol.

To Apply for Membership:

1. PART I: STUDENT APPLICATION: Fill out the student application form completely.
2. PART II: PARENTAL CONSENT FORM: Parent or legal guardian must sign and
submit a consent form for a student applicant to be considered.
3. PART III: RECOMMENDATION FORM & LETTERS: The recommendation form must
be given to a school administrator, teacher, or representative of a community or
school-sponsored club or organization (with a civic mission) to complete and submit
a letter of recommendation. A minimum of two letters is required.
A. For Paper Application, Letters of Recommendation, & Consent Form
Mail to: La. Commission on Civic Education
c/o Louisiana Senate / Megan Bella
Post Office Box 94062
Baton Rouge, LA 70804
B. Forms may be completed online, printed, and emailed
Email to:

To Apply for Membership:
For more information contact: Megan Bella
(225) 342-2362 Fax: 225-342-2368

LYAC Application Press Release 2018

LYAC Application 2018



The PreACT will be administered at Caddo Parish Magnet High School on March 20th to any sophomore students who wish to take it.  The PreACT gives students the opportunity to experience a structured, timed test environment with ACT test-quality questions.  Taking the PreACT will help sophomore students get comfortable with the ACT test, understand how they’re doing in core subjects, identify areas where additional support may be necessary, and explore career possibilities.  Additionally, the PreACT will predict student performance on the ACT.  PreACT scores may be used to meet Dual Enrollment criteria.*

The cost of the PreACT test is $12.  Students may submit their registration form and $12 fee to Ms. Moore in the Counselor’s Complex beginning Thursday, February 1.  The deadline to register and pay is March 2.  All sophomore students are highly encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity!  For more information on the benefits of taking the PreACT, check out Why take PreACT?

*The acceptance of PreACT scores is at the discretion of the post-secondary institutions.